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Just stop folks and think before you speak
Don't tell me it doesn't matter just don't.
Because what you are really saying is I don't matter ,you are
Don't say it doesn't matter that I am Black or a women
Don't say I don't see you black queen, don't you dare say that!

Say you love me or that you hate me however don't say you can't see me
Don't say you refuse to see me for that speaks volumes of who you are to me
Don't say it matters not about my poverty
Don't say I must look away it's you and not us!

Because there's a lot of us in the world not just me
I am not alone nor I am I going anywhere and why are you tell me I must
How dare you tell me to hush that fuss, No you hush your hate and noise
How dare you tell me 400 years of bondage is just my perception
That people living on the street are all there by choice!

Oh, really the ones in those chains,that wore them, carried them will cry from the grave NO way
The ones that carried the shame of segregation still today will beg to differ
The ones that sleep under bridges and in their cars will surly disagree
What you say does that have to do with my recovery
Everything and lots because that is my truth you see!

Matters not if you are not trying to see
Matters not if your refuse to hear my plea
Matters not that you are acting like a jerk
However it all of it matters to a degree really a lot!

Matters because we can't give up our fight to be free
Matters because our children are crying out for a better day
Our children that live and the ones that died due to police brutality
Matters because our lives are on the line and our future too.
So don't tell me you see and hear me NOT!

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