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a writing to heal assignment

I rise, I rise anyway

I hurt many times yet I rise with tears in my eyes
I rise when the world tells me I cannot
I must look to the hills from which cometh my help still I rise
Most are so surprised she ain't dead yet no I am yet alive
I am yet rising like the phoenix wings all ablaze
I rise I rise anyway through all my hurt and my pain
I feel it,hear it see it their hate and bitterness
However I must rise above it and move beyond it
Yet I rise as they whisper and tell their lies I rise
I cannot help I am women on fire
I cannot help I have the tiger roar
I must rise ,I must run on to the end
God has said you are women let them hear your roar so I rise ,I rise
I cannot not give up or in so with tears in my eyes sometimes and when I want to quit I am learning to rise once again!
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