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These are the last words of a well traveled man.
In the silent expanse of the Martian plains,
An astronaut's life ebbs away under darkened terrain.
His heart beats a rhythm, a desolate song,
Scribing a message on cave walls in his final dawn.

"Here, 'neath a sky of crimson hue,
I found a world raw and new.
Seen through the eyes of a lonely rover,
The tale of a journey is now almost over.

Gone, the earth's familiar faces,
Replaced with empty, alien spaces.
Yet, in this desolate Mars domain,
A sense of home, I did retain.

So, when you see a Martian rise,
Remember me, under alien skies.
I am not lost, I am free,
In this cave, my spirit will be.

Remember not with tears, but smiles,
For I've traversed a million miles.
In these words, my journey ends,
To you, my love, this message sends."

And there it remains, an eternal note,
From an astronaut's hand, the words he wrote.
A testament to mankind's reach,
Penned on a cave wall, in an alien speech.

Author's note:

As I study the genre of Poetry, I learn as I go. I think the above is a "Narrative Poem." These poems tell a story and often include elements we associate with narratives, such as characters, settings, and plots. In this case, the narrative poem tells a poignant and deeply personal tale of an astronaut's last moments on Mars. The poem's protagonist, the astronaut, communicates his experiences, emotions, and introspections, creating a vivid and immersive world for the reader.

The poem also uses end rhyme, where the final words of certain lines rhyme, enhancing the musicality and rhythm of the verse. Using vivid, descriptive language and metaphors paints a vivid picture of Mars and the astronaut's experience, adding depth and richness to the narrative. This combination of narrative storytelling and poetic elements exemplifies narrative poetry's beauty and evocative nature.

The rhyme scheme of this narrative poem is quite distinct, adding a certain rhythm and musicality to the overall delivery of the story. It follows an AABB pattern, where the last word of the first line (A) rhymes with the last word of the second line (A), and the last word of the third line (B) rhymes with the last word of the fourth line (B). This pattern repeats with subsequent stanzas. This consistent rhyme scheme not only contributes to the melodic quality of the poem but also aids in emphasizing key moments or emotions within the narrative.

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