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The day a nation paid tribute to its fallen monarch

On second's day of February in the year of Nineteen-O-One,
A solemn crowd gathered 'neath the winter sun so wan.
Grand funeral of a state, stark sight to behold,
Bidding Queen Victoria a final farewell, oh so bold.

Royalty from Europe, in masses, journeyed far,
Paying their respect under the same cold, distant star.
In black-draped carriages, through the city's pulsing heart,
A somber unity displayed, each one playing their part.

Long and mournful, the bells tolled, their echoes filling the air,
Love and respect manifested for a monarch beyond compare.
A Queen whose reign touched all shores, her era left a mark,
Now laid to rest, Victoria, her spirit forever to embark.

History etched this day, high respect it reflects,
A testament to a Queen's rule and all her vast effects.
On that frosty February day, the subjects stood in awe,
Witnessing a grand state funeral like none they ever saw.

As twilight fell, torches lit, casting light on winter's night,
London's hushed streets illuminated in the mournful torchlight.
All around, whispers ceased, in reverence they stood,
Breath held in anticipation, a sight poignantly good.

Down the sorrowful path, the royal carriage moved so slow,
An era's final glow depicted in that solemn show.
Inside, the Queen of an age, her body still and cold,
Her spirit in the heart of her people, a story to be told.

From all corners, royalty came to honor her rule and reign,
Their somber faces reflecting the nation's insurmountable pain.
United under the winter's sky, in their grief they stood high,
Power and pride gathered, heads lifted to the sky.

The funeral's spectacle, a rare sight so grand,
Marked an era's end, a moment of despair on the land.
Yet through their sorrow, the people stood strong,
In the face of their Queen's eternal song.

Thus, the state funeral of Queen Victoria, a sight to behold,
A tribute to a monarch, her story forever told.
In history's annals, her impact eternally etched,
Her rule's memory in their hearts, forever sketched.

Author's notes: 36 lines written in Diverse Metrical Patterns. The poem predominantly uses iambs (an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable). Different metrical feet like trochee (a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable) or dactyl (a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables) can provide rhythmic variety. For instance:
"Royal faces solemn, reflecting nation's pain, (Trochee)
They stood united under the winter's icy rain." (Dactyl)
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