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A man wrongly accused of a crime.
A man sits behind bars

To await his fate

Doing time for a crime

He did not commit.

“I’m innocent,” he pleads

But no one listens

To a villain

Of murder.

He claims he’s been framed

By another man

With a plan

To kill.

“It wasn’t me,” he cries as he tries

To shift the blame

From his name

To walk free.

It was the wrong place and wrong time

To find a dead man and a gun

With nowhere to run

From the law.

No one but him knows the truth

Only he knows the story

Of his glory

That could have been.

Twelve men against one

The jury chooses

If he loses

His life.

The next day, that morning

Without warning

An innocent man

Was found guilty.

“I only wanted to help that man,” he sobbed

As his life was robbed

While he cuffed

And sent off to prison.

Another man unfairly convicted

Behind steel bars

He sits


The next person you meet

Could be that

Guilty man

Walking the streets.
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