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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2313454
What they learn from the assassin and the bounties on the nobles of other kingdoms by who
Menace Gart watch captain
Vincent member of the watch

Backa Ward watch officer
Calit Jion watch officer
Harald MIst watch officer
SIr Grey Arm Watch commander

         Menace shook Vincent as he lay in his bed in the barracks, and said, “What are you saying?

You know who was responsible for this happening and you want to go to sleep. You will sleep after

you tell us what you know. Won’t you?”

         Vincent glared at him as he shook his shoulder to stop him from drifting into sleep/ Vincent

grabbed his hand and wrist to stop his hand from shaking him. His hand closed about Menace’s

hand. Vincent said, “Let me sleep.”

         “Not until you tell me, what do you know? Do you understand me? Then you can sleep,”

Menace said as he brought his eyes to Vincent’s own.

         “Okay, Okay I will tell you what I know. Then I can go back to sleep right?”

         “That’s what I said isn’t it!” Menace saud and looked at him.

         “He has a serpent on his arm and chest, wearing a Jade green shirt,” Vincent said.

         “I think I know this person.”

         “Can you let me get some sleep,” Vincent said as he pulled away from Menace’s grasp.

         “Yes,” Menace said as he walked away from the bed and said, “We have to find Meeka. I

think he’s involved in this matter.”

         “Are you sure?”

         “Yes, Vincent just told me this. Go and get him,” Menace said as he looked at the face of the

watch officer.


         Three of the people there walked out the door to find Meeka, they knew he usually had been

in the tavern of the elf at least that was where he usually was. The door to the tavern just went

towards them as they walked toward the tavern.

         The tavern had a grey awning, the walls were made of cedar. There were three windows in

the front room through the window. They saw a couple of people there eating a meal, there was a tall

elf lifting a tankard of ale, with his daughter at the table as the serving girl approached the door as

they came into the tavern.

         The serving girl looked into their faces, she smiled and said,”Two ales and brandy for you like


         “I think we won;t be wanting it, we are here to see Meeka.” Backa said as he began to walk

toward her, a hint of a smile slithered across his face as he looked at her. Her hand faltered as she

looked into his green eyes wanting to find a possible answer there, but his eyes did not give any

answer to the mystery that Meeka had anything to do with. She asked, “Meeka that skinflint, what

has he done,” she asked.

“          We can’t say. Where is he?” Backa said as he closed the distance between her and him.

         “I don’t know, his room is to the right. I think he left us this morning.” she said as she put her

hands on her hips.

         The members walked down the hallway, the biggest of the three brought his huge boot to the

door. It was driven backwards. The interior of the room was dark. There was a bed that usually had a

Meeka body in it. The bed was messed up. There was a scroll on the bureau. That was all that was


         The big member began to wait until the others entered the room, he then turned to face the

hallway that they had entered to get here. A few other doors opened quickly, they stepped back into

their rooms, they looked shocked after seeing the watch in the hallway/

         The two members began to check the closet and the scroll they lifted from where it rested.

         “There’s nothing here, so I think he has left for the moment, but I think he will be back

sometime in the further,“ Calit said as he turned about to face the closet that was to his left he

opened the door to peer inside the room

         “We can wait for him here. Can’t we?” Herald who was the biggest man said as he looked at

down the hallway.

         “We can do this,” Ruc said as he stepped away from Calit as he stepped back into the


“Should I go back and tell Menace what we learned by going here?” Calit said as he hurried down the


“Yes, I think you should.”


         Menace turned to the door as the officer returned to the building. He looked into Menace’s

cold grey eyes, his face had a soft round cheek, his face had a van Dyke style hair cut. Menace

asked,”What is wrong? Why are you here?”

         “We have found that he has left where he was to go out somewhere?”

         “So, what have you done?”

         “We will lie in wait for him to arrive.”

         “Do you have any idea as to what he is doing presently?’ Menace asked as he turned to face


“Not a clue.’

"I think you should ask around as to what he has done or is intending to do.”


         Sir Grey glared at the man who tried to stab the queen. His face was contorted in a grimace

as he watched the man. He said, “What is the reason that caused you to do this? She is the fake

queen you’re protecting her. Can’t you understand this. She has to be the fake Queen isn’t she?”

         Sir Grey opened the door so he could grab this man and have him see that he is wrong, it did

not make sense. He was with her, except when he want out to find the fake queen by following her

route. So, he should know who she was shouldn’t he?

         The figure stepped away from Sir Grey as he advanced into the cage, His eyes were huge.

He still was black as the night. His skin was dark, there was yellow flesh where Sir Grey grabbed

him. He danced backwards as he tried to stay out of his grasp. He said, “I was trying to make the

bounty on the woman who you are protecting.”

         “She is the queen the woman you tried to kill while she was with me,”

         “I should know the queen shouldn’t I?”

         “You can be mistaken, can’t you be?”

         “I know, that she is the one that I know is the true queen, My guards have been with her since

she arrived here.” Sir Grey closed his hand as he reached for his hand.

         “Do you now see you stupifd yout statement is/”

         The guards looked at Sir Grey presently inside the cage with the assassin. They charged into

the cage to grab Sir Grey to protect the assassin from him. The guards grabbed sir Grey to carry him


         Sir Grey struggled to be free of the guards hands.Sir Grey stopped when one of the guards

brought the sword to his throat, Sir Grey froza as he felt the edge of it on his adam’s apple. His eyes

shifted so they rested on the guard who held the sword on his adam’s apple he glared at him. Sir

Grey lowered his arms to his sides.

         “Let’s leave him be alive so he can talk to the judge about what he tried to do,” Ben said as

he dragged the Captain from the cage.

         “Your so right. We may have a problem with the people here, if he thinks she the false queen

what about the others in our community.” Sir Grey said as he drew the sword down to his waist.

         The guard allowed him to do this, Sir Grey wanted to kill this man without question. He

stepped to the right as the cage door closed with a clang. Sit Grey walked to the door out side of the


         He drew up a chair to sit on while he talked with the Sheriff. The Sheriff turned to face him,

and said, “What do you mean that there is a bounty for Marta? How could that be possible it makes

no sense. She is a merchant who has been doing this for decades hasn’t she?”

         “That’s what I been asking the treasurer, he says the Queen has been putting up these

bounties on the merchants in our kingdom,” Sir Grey said as he brought his hands together as if to


         “What do you mean the Queen has done this?” the sheriff said as he looked at him.

         “Just what I said.”


         Sir Grey looked at the walk, where there were several faces on the wanted posters in the

room, he recognised a few of these faces as being nobles, that he had seen in a few of the parties

before the King had left the kingdom. Sir Grey tore off three of these pictures from the wall. He said,

“This is Jackal Merch. He was one of the faces here.”

         “Well, we will have to remove this from the wall.”

         “The others are counts and duchesses from other kingdoms,” Sir Grey looked at the

Sheriff in disbelief. “How many of these wanted posters are royalty of other kingdoms on the walls.”

         “I don’t know, I thought the wanted posters were on the up and up. I did not think to question

the authenticity of them, i have been played,’ the sheriff said as he peered into Sir Grey’s eyes.

         “There were words that were spoken among the other kingdoms that did not make any sense

as were getting the news from eagles thata carrier these messages to us. While we have been away

from the kingdom.” SIr Grey said.

         “Why didn’t you thInk to send me a message about this happening here.” the Sheriff asked as

he began to grasp what Sir Grey was telling him. We could be on the brink of war couldn’t we?


         Jules walked out the door watching the street to be safe. His friend was walking ahead of them

Oliva had been interested in the person that they have been able to bring the attention to them. He was

quick with his hands, she has witnessed him in a knife fight amd saw him in the crowd of people walking

to her right.

         She dreamt of him, she recognised his face, he had one cheek marred by fire. He was muscualr

and broad chested. Wearing a brown cloak, a sword rested on his hip as he moved. His hand rested on

the pommel of his sword.

         The mute slowed as he saw him appear on the street. THe mute slipped up to him. He grabbed

man whose face was scarred on the shoulder tried to pry his hand off his shoulder/ The mute kicked his

feet from under him. The man rolled over onto his his back, the sword swept out to cut the legs out from

under him.

         Jules drew up his dagger he flung ut at the scarred faced man. The dagger sank beneath his

cloak. The man stopped moving. Jules looked at the body of the man, he had just killed, He noticed

that the man there was without a pinky finger,

         "I wonder what he was doing?" Oliva asked as she turned about to see if anyone else was

desiring to lose their life over an attack on them. She was surprised seeing Juiles willing to kill

for his friend.

         The other man in the carriage walked up to them, he was throwing a knide from hand to

hand, he peered over his shoulder. He noticed that a man was looking at them both, his eyes

were gold in hue. He had large bushy eye brows, his chin was f
at as a board. He was without a


          The man in the carriage stepped into his path, the man tuned to face him, and said," What

do you wish to know?"

         "I think, I have some information to give to them about what they are looking into?" the man

said as he walked further toward Oliva. He stopped there before her.

         Oliva stepped to his right,

         "I think you are looking for the men who guard the streets at night." he said to her, his eyes

shuifted to Jules.

"The arrest of Meeko
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