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Past Orion, the seven sisters and Mars, past an evil hound and a reckless driver to home
The grey ceiling is stripped away
I see the stars through the trees
The sky is open to my gaze
My breath is smoke in a cold breeze

Orion hunts the seven sisters
While Mars watches close by
A dog barks when I approach
Stands in my path with its evil eye

A panicked lady shouts for her pet
As headlamps bear down on him
The angry hound follows to the pavement
Guided out of danger by my whim

The shadows flee into deep black
I enter the forest, it presses round
A branch snaps beneath my feet but still, I walk
There is no one to hear the sound

Breaking into the light on the other side
A car takes the corner way too fast
I think about jumping onto the hood
But just in time, it races past

The world seems restless and on edge
It swirls in shadows all around me
But my thoughts are fixed on higher powers
So the darkness is not empty

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