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Loving someone who doesn't love you back, and has no clue how much you care.
In the silence of unspoken dreams,
Where echoes of longing softly gleam,
There blooms a flower, delicate and true,
Nourished by love, yet bathed in rue.

One heart beats with a fervent flame,
While the other wanders, never the same.
A dance of shadows in the moon's embrace,
One-sided love, a bittersweet grace.

The giver pours out like a gentle stream,
Overflowing with hope, a radiant beam.
But the recipient, oblivious to the tide,
Drifts away, in their own world to reside.

Words unspoken, emotions unseen,
A silent symphony, a solitary scene.
Each glance, each sigh, a whispered plea,
Lost in the abyss of uncertainty.

A garden of dreams, where petals unfurl,
Yet only one heart, in passion does swirl.
A symphony of longing, a silent song,
Echoing in the heart where love does belong.

Eyes that seek, in the night's tender glow,
A reflection of love, but it doesn't show.
A silent yearning, like a lone dove's flight,
Lost in the vastness of the starry night.
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