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The darkness isn't always bad
In the depths where shadows dance,
Beneath the veil of starry expanse,
Lies a realm untouched by light,
Where darkness reigns in endless night.

The abyss, a chasm vast and deep,
Where secrets lie and memories sleep,
A silent symphony of whispered fears,
Echoing through the timeless years.

In its depths, mysteries untold,
Where the brave and curious dare to behold,
Yet few return to speak the tale,
Of the abyss's haunting, spectral veil.

It beckons with a siren's call,
Drawing in the lost and all,
Who wander too close to its edge,
Intrigued by what lies beyond the ledge.

But beware, oh wanderer bold,
For in the abyss, truth unfolds,
And madness lurks in its murky depths,
Where sanity and reason are inept.

Yet still, there's beauty to behold,
In the abyss's darkness, stark and cold,
For amidst the void, there's a quiet grace,
A serenity found in that lonely space.

In the abyss, we may find home,
For in its depths, we may discover,
The essence of our being is uncovered.

Side note: Written originally today for a school assignment but I liked it enough to post
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