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Love is an illusion that can eventually destroy you, and everything you hold close
In shadows deep, where light does flee,
Resides a heart, bound and free.
Love, a cruel and fickle game,
Where passions burn and hearts aflame.

Its tendrils wrap, a suffocating shroud,
In its embrace, dreams are bowed.
Promises whispered, then torn apart,
Leaving naught but a hollowed heart.

Love, a thief in the dead of night,
Stealing joy, leaving endless blight.
Its sweet facade, a venomous lie,
Leaving souls shattered, left to cry.

No solace was found in its tender grasp,
Only echoes of a shattered past.
For love's embrace, a treacherous woe,
Leaving scars where dreams once flowed.

So let not love's siren song entice,
For in its depths, lies only vice.
A mockery of all that's true,
There is no love, for me and you.
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