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This is a short story about a dog's birthday. The dog's name is Daisy.
It was 12 am and Ben Foresdter was just coming home. He'd just returned from a long trip to the Middle East to plan a wedding. His mother was re-marrying to a dancer she'd met in Atlantic City. They'd bonded so much over their favorite Chia Pets and eating Dip'n Stix on the weekends. But, however, that story was only a cover.
In actually, Foresdter was really Agent X, America's most powerful spy and assassin. He'd worked on every continent, participating in some of the most important missions of the twenty-first century. He was known as the man of a thousand faces, an expert at subterfuge, espionage, and surveillance. He'd learned multiple languages, including braille, sign language and a few African ones.
He'd just been given the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Iranian capital. But since the mission never happened, that piece of jewelry would never be touching his hands. As he stumbled in, after a long night of partying and spying, he noticed something.
Sitting in his living room was a light golden retriever. And it was disappointed with him.
It just sat there, looking at him. It wouldn't move. Foresdter's spy instincts took over. What was she trying to tell him? Had he been compromised? Had his great rival, Arthur Hapsburg, finally found his true identity? Did he forget the birthday of one of his many overlapping conquests? Foresdter's face lit up as he reached in the refrigerator to get the goat milk carton he'd been thinking of.
"Birthday! Birthday! Oh, how cruel this world hath been."
The dog whined, gently placing its head on the linoleum floor.
"Oh, how cruel! Oh, how inhumane! Oh, Daisy, you can't hold this against me! Please, please! I was in the Middle East. Ever heard of that?"
Apparently, Daisy hadn't. He continued.
"I was in the Middle East, and I was up in a plane. A jet plane that I had commandeered in order to better achieve my objective. I had a million dollars in gold in the shotgun seat. Bu there was a bomb somewhere in the cockpit. In addition, one of the wings had been blasted off by a laser drone. I had to disable the bomb while doing figure-eights in the air. I almost lost my life. You wouldn't understand. You're just a dog!"
Daisy wasn't hearing it. She just looked up at him with a forlorn expression. Foresdter tried his best once again.
"Wait, I know. Let me show you something."
Foresdter then proceeded to search his pockets, looking for something.
"I got the Medal of Honor. Yes, I - oh wait. Right, it was a secret mission. I don't get to keep anything. Look, Daisy. I'm not trying to be a 'stingy bingie,' okay? Look. Just look at it this way. See things from my perspective."
Daisy then got up and proceeded to walk into the bedroom. When Daisy had gone, Foresdter sensed that there was someone else in the apartment. It was Hapsburg!
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