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by MJones
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A poem inspired by the beautiful birds that seem to follow me wherever I go.
Singing Angels
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Each day I am greeted
by lovely sweet songs
coming from creatures
that don’t quite belong.

We’re birds of a feather
these creatures and I
but only they
actually know how to fly.

Our connection is real
for we’re from the same place
where winters are long
and cold winds sting the face.

But life brought us changes
so rather than ice
we all now live
in tropical paradise.

How we all got here
lies in stories untold
though each ends with happy
to be away from the cold.

But there’s more to our bond
for they visit me
mostly they’re flying
or perched in a tree.

Their crimson bodies
like lights in the sky
when I’m outside
will catch my eye.

But if I’m indoors
and they’re up in a tree
they’ll just chirp and chirp
’til I go out and see.

Then we have a nice chat
and we say goodbye
until the next time
when they want to say hi.

I’m ever so grateful
for the miles they have flown
my guardian angels
so I’m never alone.

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