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My dear friend lost her dog yesterday and her pain moved me to write this.
Oh for the Love of a Dog

I gave you my heart,
hoping never to be apart
And as I watched you grow,
how would I ever know
That I was mistaken,
for my love was taken
By the one that is oh so pure,
and for this ache there is no cure

You could move me with just one look,
because my will was on your hook
We took walks in the forest,
and birds were our chorus
You were goofy to a fault,
but in that I would exalt
My mind oft lost in a fog,
Oh for the love of a dog

The years our love increased,
my heart finally released
And all the pains I held,
in your barks they were quelled
Ah here’s the funny thing,
in this house you were the king
Because you really were the best,
and towered above the rest

Still life is fleeting and short,
but I am in debt of your support
And my greatest gift to thee,
was to let you run free
And though now there is pain,
your memories always remain
My mind still lost in a fog,
Oh for the love of a dog
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