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Another poem about my recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction
Sober Life

My mind screamed “We must get sober!”,
but I screamed back “Then life is over!”
So off to treatment I went,
which was more an appeasement
Because I had no real hope,
and just wanted more dope
But now I will be glum,
as the others who succumb

But a new life they guaranteed,
so I allowed them to intercede
With a mind that was wasted,
but a new hope they created
Since my fellows understand me,
and a few tools they did hand me
I then took a leap of faith,
and looked fear in the face

I waited for the other shoe to drop,
oh this pink cloud would surely pop
But as day led into day,
my sponsor leading the way
Life took on new meaning,
and I began real dreaming
And my dreams turned into gold,
and that new life did unfold

Today as I look back,
and see my past no longer black
I realize that all my pain,
was really the birth pang
Of who I always have been,
the spirit hiding within
Hidden behind delusion,
awaiting this conclusion
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