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Daily Flash Fiction - 2/15/24 - W/C 295

Today there was a discovery, a stone unearthed from the outer reaches of the galaxy.Speaking to control back on earth, one of the astronauts informed them about this find.

“It’s some kind of rock endemic to the planet Ion. Not much is known about this planet except for the three suns and two moons. Plus we haven’t found any life forms or plants.

“But once we brought the rock into the space station to examine it, we noticed strange markings on its face. We now are trying to determine what these markings mean.”

Astronaut Jason Stratton held the rock up before the camera. The black rock showed carvings and deep grooves over its top, then more random markings on the reverse.

Soon the rock was famous. On the news, the internet, talk radio. Everyone had an opinion about this mysterious find.

“It’s written in code,” stated someone on Facebook. “Just look at the way the engravings are placed. Clearly, it’s code.”

So then the ‘code’ idea spread. What is ‘the code’? What does it say? Who will crack ‘the code’? This went on for weeks.

Suddenly someone in Alaska posted on Facebook: “I think I cracked the code. I’ll tell all soon.”

The internet blew up with that message. Butcherbob got so many messages Facebook had to shut down for a day then Google had to shut down for a day. Yahoo had to stop for a week. Amazon declared a day off for employees to check their computers.Then the federal government got in on the excitement and declared a holiday for all government employees for three days.

Finally CNN got exclusive rights to declare the rock’s coded message. Butcherbob received a cool ten million for the coded message: “Hi Mom! Send money.”
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