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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Nature · #2314476
An old man is sent to judge a wicked city, but can there be retribution?
Adrius stood on the tall greengrass atop a mountain holding a petrified wooden staff. He overlooked the evil city of Nineveh as the citizens appeared like little mindless ants scurrying madly.

The violence he observed caused tears to run from his deep azure eyes. “If only Jonah’s words remained today. Yet I will do what I must.”

Adrius saw the blue sky that he knew would take a drastic change of appearance. He began his descent from the mountain and soon he approached the open city gate. His stomach turned as he saw the rioting, thieving and murderous crowds going about their sinful decadence.

Adrius saw a tower with a balcony which was perfect for what he was to do. A lanky ruffian came at Adrius with a knife but he took the staff stretched it out and the foe went flying backwards.

Another assailant stared at Adrius with wide eyes and a gaping jaw. “How did you do that! Are you a wizard!”

“I am a prophet of God sent to destroy this place.”

The foe ran off and Adrius went to the tower and climbed the stairs leading upwards. He went to the balcony and held up his staff and booming noisecame from the sky. The clouds turned black like sackcloth as the thunderclaps became louder.

Suddenly someone from behind Adrius struck him and he dropped his staff and the thick heavenly darkness started to abate. He turned and saw a man in a silk cloak. The man held a royal staff. “My magic let me sense who you are and what you intend to do. I will not let you destroy my city!’

“What city! There is nothing but disorder and rebellion in Nineveh, King Brem!”

Adrius scampered to his staff but the king of Nineveh held out his hand and the staff went flying over the edge. “The Staff of Aaron will not deliver you!”

Brem held out his hand once more and Adrius went toppling backwards over the balcony. His body flailed and turned as he fell. He stopped falling and lighted onto the ground and he knew it was a miracle from God. Thank you Lord. he thought. but what can I do without the staff that once belonged to the brother of Moses?

But there was no answer to his prayer within his heart. How would he survive fifteen minutes I this hostile place without the staff!

Suddenly, a man with childlike eyes and dressed in a white robe appeared next to Adrius. “Come with me, Prophet of God!”

Adrius followed the man sensing a benevolent, spiritual essence from him. The man in white brought Adrius to a silver door that had an emerald-green glow. When they passed through the door, Adrius was shown a porcelain fountain.

“This is the Fountain of Innocence,” said the robed man.

“Are you an angel?”

“I am. My name is Kromious.” The angel took out a glass vial and dipped it into the fountain waters then corked the vial. “Take this to King Bram and pour it over his head. In doing so, you will anoint him with the Spirit of God and the men of the city will follow.”

“Was I not sent to destroy this city?”

Kromious spoke with a gentle tongue. “The dark angels that have power over Nineveh have been expelled, and spiritual forces of light have begun to take this city for God.” Kromious held out a golden rod with a sharp tip. “This is the Lance of Gabriel. It matches the power of the staff.”

Adrius took the object hesitantly. As soon as he did, a flash of white light he was at the top of the tower with King Bram.

“What! You should be dead!”

Adrius took out the golden lance and held it up horizontally and Adrius pushed him back.

Bram thrust forth his hands and a barrage of lightning bolts came at Adrius. He held up the lance and he blocked the attack but slid back four feet.

Adrius dispersed a sphere of white light and it hit Bram in the stomach and he fell to his knees gripping the impact point. While he held his gut, Adrius took out the vial and poured the water over Bram’s head. A great quiet spread throughout the entire city.

Bram looked up and cried. “I…understand. I now know the error of my ways. Forgive me Adrius! I promise I will make a change in Nineveh and until righteousness rules.”

“There is no need to. Look,” said Adrius, motioning for Bram to look over the balcony edge.

A profound peace had swept through the entire city and all the people stopped quarreling and they came to their senses like rising from a drunken stupor.

Bram covered his mouth. “By, God’s grace! The understand just as I do!”

“You are fortunate. I was sent to destroy you, but something in the spiritual realm has shifted. I do not fully grasp what it means but it does not matter. The city, that repented at the preaching of Jonah now does so again.”

And so now the people of Nineveh worked to restore the ruinous buildings and institute faith in God. Never did the city stray from their faith.

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