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A town is obsessed with what occurred with a young man and young woman. The truth is worse
The Truth will not always set you free.

I claimed my innocence to my family
I pleaded with my relatives to believe me;
I couldn't escape the branding I received
Or the dishonor I have unjustly gotten.

Soon, friends, too, scorned my being
Around with contempt and ridicule;
No matter how long we've been together
Is gone when she places the blame.

It doesn't matter what the reports all show
As long as she said it is so, it is;
The town is a war zone for me now
Threatened, chased, all because of a lie.

I want to take the test to prove I am not
The villain the town believes I now am;
Told to make good on my transgression
The results are flawed. No one has checked.

There is something else I need to tell
That will help to shake this unwanted lie.
I dare not provide this true information
For it will kill not one but two lives.

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