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After getting married and having a son, I knew I had to grow up.
My Past Didn't Define Me

         After meeting my wife in 1986, we left college and focused on our careers. I worked as an Assistant Director at a state-run daycare center, and my wife became a manager at a photocopy center. Within two months, my wife became pregnant with our first child.
         We had our first son after a year and a half, and I was promoted to daycare director. I made quite a stir because I was not only the first male assistant director but also the first male director. I was lucky because the parents and Social Workers had the opportunity to get to know me before my promotion, knew the responsible and dedicated childcare provider I was, and knew I genuinely cared about each child's well-being.
         After another year, my wife and I decided to continue our education. Instead of Early Childhood Education, I wanted to focus on 7th through 12th-grade students with a major in Communication/Theatre Arts and a minor in Language Arts with an emphasis on Writing and Literature. The load would be more with the dual minor, but I felt I would be ready for it.
         Before we enrolled, we needed to go to the college's Registar's Office to talk about returning to the university and my previous grades. Before I met my wife, my college goal wasn't to study, and my grades suffered. I only did enough to pass, and often not even that. After a lengthy discussion and letters of work references, we were allowed to reenter on probation.
         When the grades came out after our first semester, we both made the honor rolls; she made the "A"-honor roll, and I made the "B"-honor roll.
         After two more semesters, we still did as well as the first. Both sets of parents could not believe our grades. I had a job on campus, studied during the day with my wife, and at night, after our son went to bed, and watched my son while my wife went to her classes.
         Having a Theartre Arts minor meant I was obligated to be in one campus sponsored play, a stagehand, work box office, and, for extra credit, direct my production for general audiences. I did all that, plus I was an Assistant Director for a college professor who happened to be a good family friend. I learned so much from Paul while watching him and preparing for his shows that I used his techniques when I taught high school years later.
         Another learning experience I had while at college that stayed with me to this date was when I read test questions/answers to blind students. I found it rewarding, and they were grateful for the assistance. I considered it voice training in case I needed to act in an off-broadway play.
         I had the honor of seeing my wife graduate with the same from her college.
         Despite being in school the longest of my siblings, I was the only one who graduated with a college degree.
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