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Heal the hurt, life's imperfections; seal our wounds, O Searing Blade.

When in childhood hellfire blazes
strike the iron, forge our blade.

Teach us manners, love and passion,
disciplined by stone-cold blade.

Then in springtime come the haying
have us mow with sharpened blade.

Summer's bounty hangs from fruit trees;
pluck the harvest with our blade.

In the Autumn, hunt the rabbit,
gut our supper, blood-stained blade.

Come Thanksgiving dinner's bounty,
carve our turkey, sharp edged blade.

When the Winter's cold is blowing
stoke the embers with our blade.

Snowdrifts deepen; ponds lie frozen;
pierce the ice with blazing blade.

Heal the hurt, life's imperfections;
seal our wounds, O Searing Blade.

When the hour of dying beckons,
pierce our heart, O Heartless Blade.

© Copyright 2007 Kåre Enga [164.48] (April 5th, 2007)

20 lines (10 couplets)

Hyfrydol (Welsh for "pleasant") has a meter of

The stress pattern is: XxXxXxXx XxXxXxX

The rhyme scheme is xAxA. This poem uses the same word, similar to a ghazal.

Note: the subject matter of this poem is not meant to be the same as a hymn.

"Prompt 19: to hymn tune Hyfrydol: Blade"  
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