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God’s grace and clarity are so amazing - a religious poem.
One’s vision of grace extends
To The Almighty’s powerful whole;
God’s all-encompassing guidance -
The incumbently sacred health
Of a person’s goals and actions -
Are indeed a realization
Of His humane sentiments,
From a cognizance, clarity,
And perfection of place -
And a select embodiment
Of superior trackings…

For His Love relates a blessed relief
And revelation from the gruesome
And suspicious horrors
Of evil, recalcitrant souls
Who delve into the monstrosities
Of Satan’s global influence
And deathly perceptions…
Christ’s followers proclaim that
Their authority and righteousness
Reside in The Father’s loving
And especially boisterous
And solemn wisdom.

For His just and jubilant followers
Enliven a brilliance of innate extravagance.
And a wondrous providence
Of good health…

And in His Merciful Hands,
All may be wished for and granted,
Through faith, obedience, and prayer.

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