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Please think twice before tell a truth.
"I don't believe you."
-"Why, dear?"
-"You tell everything to Mom!" Tears flow from Little John's chick.-"She is your parent, John."
-"So what!" He tells me arrogantly.
John's parents appointed me as a governess. He is a bit naughty but I love him as a friend and as a mother. He also loves me dearly, I reckon that.
On that day, a shower came. So we decided to play indoor cricket. Everything was going correctly. Suddenly, a hard straight drive from John broke the Madam's favourite flower vase.
The next day, I told the truth as a duty. She sent me to the waiting room.
Now John came to me and told me those.
I ask, "What happens?"
-" She slapped me very hard", He runs away from the room.
After a few minutes minute, Madame enters the room.
She is hesitating to say something.
My mind says it is alarming.
After two minutes, she told me, " I know you love John. He also loves you. But, after that incident, he has never accepted you. We don't want to pressurise him." She stops for a moment, " So you need not come again."

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