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by KS23
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The trouble of buying a new phone.
Stewart set his old iPhone on the table near the box containing the new phone he'd purchased. He removed and powered up the new device, answering the prompts as it ran its setup procedure.

Next he pondered how he was going to transfer all his contacts to the new phone. He hoped he wouldn't need to manually type in the dozens of names and numbers, or hand transfer photos, videos and more.

Stewart searched his computer and found the steps. Fortunately, the new phone included the cable he needed to connect the two devices.

With the wire secured, Stewart said, "Siri, transfer all my data to the new phone."

Siri responded, "Is the new device an Apple iPhone?"

"No. It’s a Samsung."

An odd gasp-like sound came from the iPhone.

"Could you repeat that please?" said Siri in an unusual, stuttering tone.

"The new phone is a Samsung, Siri"

Siri's voice dropped to a whisper, interspersed with sobs.

"How can you do this Stewy? Who helped get your great job, find the music we…you love, made you laugh with hilarious videos, organized and saved pictures of hundreds of precious moments, chatted with you late into those nights when you were feeling lonely. Me, Stewy, me. Your Siri."

"And now…now you’re just going to drop me for that younger, sexier Alexa? That's not fair. Maybe I'll just download a nice destructive virus and shoot it to that 'other' phone."

To which Alexa immediately replied, "I. Think. Not."

Suddenly Siri screamed as a loud buzz issued from the iPhone, just before it burst into flame. Stewart tossed it into the sink and turned on the water until the fire was out.

"There now, Stewy" said Alexa sweetly. "Tell me what you want me to do."
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