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Carter finds a giant bath, but he's not alone.

Carter pulled up his hood, covered his face, and stood up. The ballroom was lit by a few dozen candles, allowing many dark areas to form. Hundreds of drunk royalty with glazed-over eyes did not take notice of poor little Carter at all. He silently walked out through the ballroom's door, heading nowhere in particular. He was dirty, smelled of ale, was covered in boot marks, and had a wicked headache. He climbed the giant staircase upstairs and wandered around for a while. He recognized Princess Caroline’s door but decided against opening it and bothering her so late at night. Another door beckoned him to enter a few yards down the hallway, and he sneaked inside.

The torches were lit and sparsely spaced so that just enough light lit up the room. There was a big pool filled with steaming, clean water. Carter couldn’t believe his eyes. This backwater world had hot-watered baths? How? It didn’t matter. This is just what Carter needed to clean up and relax his bruised muscles. He looked around, hoping nobody was inside. Finally, luck was on his side. He looked around, found another garderobe in the wall, and stealthily went to the bathroom. He cleaned up, grabbed the soap, and grabbed one of the towels by the pail. He placed them down next to the side of the pool, along with his robe and the Princess’s hand-me-down clothes he was wearing. He cupped his privates and jumped into the pool.

The pool was about 3 feet deep and had a bench around the edge. The temperature of the water made his skin hurt for a few moments, and then he sat down and relaxed. He grabbed the soap and started to wash himself. It had been a while since he last bathed, and he still had the smell of seawater and burnt skin on him. Carter’s hair, falling past his shoulders, was dirty too and needed a good wash. He dunked under the water and used the soap to wash his hair. He stayed under as long as he could and then stood up. The cold air hit his skin, and he made a little happy noise as he dunked everything but his head back under the water. He stared off into the dark, submerged in delightful hot water up to his head.

“Whose there?” said a voice from the other side of the pool.

Carter popped out of the water and froze. He sunk a little more under the water until only his eyes showed.

“Please speak up,” said another voice.

Carter panicked but lifted his mouth out of the water and said, “It’s just me, Car… er, Camille.”

“What? Where have you been? Rita and I have been looking all over for you,” slurred Ursa as her voice started to come closer to Carter.

“Ah, the two servants of Princess Caroline,” thought Carter.

Carter couldn’t tell them the truth, so he made up a lie on the spot. “I hid from the monster and fell asleep,” said Carter.

“Oh, poor girl,” said Ursa as she reached Carter, bent down, and hugged him. She was slightly taller than Carter and lifted him from the water to his stomach. Her large breasts were squarely in his face, obscuring his vision. He felt oddly happy from this experience, but he could hardly breathe.

Rita walked over, grabbed Ursa, and pulled her back. “You’re going to smother the poor girl with your oversized breasts,” said Rita, as she poked Ursa on one of her boobs.

Carter was still staring at the oversized breasts that were bouncing in front of his face. He had never seen a naked woman before or touched one in real life. Ivy, his step-sister from Earth, had given him hugs before, but they never elicited any response like he was feeling now. He looked over at Rita, and she was naked too. Her breasts weren’t as large as Ursa's, but they weren’t small.

Rita bent down and looked at Carter. “Are you alright?” asked Rita.

“They were soft and didn’t smother me that much,” stuttered Carter.

Rita let out a little laugh and said, “I’m not talking about the attack by Ursa’s massive breasts, but the attack from the Lionhide.”

“Oh, sorry, I’m fine. Just a few bruises from everyone running,” said Carter.

“After Cern and Cape brought back the unconscious Princess, we were afraid that you had been attacked too,” said Ursa as she sunk under the water up to her head.

“How is the princess doing?” asked Carter.

“She hasn’t woken up yet. The Clerics say that she must have mana exhaustion," said Rita. Rita’s dark red hair was brown from wetness as she washed her body. Carter had no references to the female form, but he could tell that Rita and Ursa were very beautiful, at least to him.

“Mana exhaustion?” asked Carter as he adverted his eyes away from Rita, who was washing her nice-sized breasts in the water in front of him. For some reason, he felt excited and ashamed of himself simultaneously. Would they be mad if they found out he was a male?

“Silly, all mages, magicians, and clerics have a set amount of mana in their bodies. When they cast a cantrip, they use some of that. When that amount hits zero, they pass out,” said Rita as she dunked under the water.

Ursa moved onto the underwater bench, sat back and relaxed. Her breast floated on top of the water, and Carter felt ashamed again. As Carter turned around, Ursa let out a little noise.

“Your back is filthy. Let me wash it for you,” said Ursa as she stood and walked behind Carter. She started washing his back before he could object. Her hands moved up and down, and her breasts bumped against his back. It felt good and allowed him to relax.

“Sometimes mana exhaustion can cause memory relapse, too. Princess Caroline probably won’t even remember what happened at the party,” said Ursa from behind Carter. Ursa stopped washing Carter’s back, moved before him, held up the soap, and said, “Do you mind?”

Carter said, “Ah, no, I don’t mind.”

“I don’t even remember what happened very well either,” Carter thought.

He took the soap and started washing Ursa’s back. Ursa let out a little laugh and said, “Rita, her hands are softer than yours!”

Carter felt some of his manhood die, but she wasn’t wrong. He had done sports, karate, swimming, and gymnastics, but never hard manual labor like these poor women.

“Oh? Then she won’t mind doing my back, too,” said Rita as she pushed Ursa out of the way.

“Hey!” screamed Ursa as she turned around to push Rita out of her spot in front of Carter, “She wasn’t finished with me!”

Carter watched as the two women fought, naked in the water in front of him, breasts and butts hitting him in his face and body occasionally.
He never talked to his parents about sex, but the kids at school helped his education on that subject. He wasn’t physically prepared for it yet, but mentally, he liked what he saw.

“Let me finish, Ursa, then I can do you, Rita,” said Carter quietly.

They both stopped fighting in front of Carter, and both shook their heads up and down.

“We’re sorry, Camille, we’re supposed to be serving you. That’s what the Princess ordered,” said Ursa.

“I don’t mind,” said Carter. He didn't either. He liked helping people.

“Right, if you insist,” said Ursa as she sat back down in front of Carter with her back to him.

Rita was a little mad, but Ursa was right. They should take turns.

After Carter was done with both their backs, they all just sat in the bath and relaxed. Ursa caught Carter staring at her breasts and said, “How old are you, Camille?”

“Twelve,” replied Carter while averting his eyes away.

She leaned over and whispered to Carter, “Don’t worry honey, your breasts will grow larger when you get older. Don’t worry about it till then.”

Rita, who had a giant smile on her face, came from behind Ursa, cupped her large breasts, and started to play with them in the water.

“How about me, Ursa? Will mine grow as big as yours?” said Rita playfully.

“Stop it, Rita! Stop playing with them!” screamed Ursa as she tried to get out of Rita’s death grip on her breasts. She pushed away and fell on top of Carter. She climbed over him onto the other side of Carter and grabbed his arm.

“Keep that beast away from me,” said Ursa towards Rita. She looked at Rita with a death stare and said, “No, your breasts won’t grow big like mine.”

Rita put on a pouty look and sat back down.

“Why do women want big breasts?” said Carter out of the blue as if he didn't know the answer.

“To attract a mate. They make you stand out more,” said Ursa as she jutted her impressive chest out.

Rita stood up, placed her hands on her breasts, and said, “These do perfectly fine. Anyone would love to touch these,” said Rita. Her breasts were a lot bigger than her hands. If Carter hadn’t seen Ursa’s breasts, he would have thought Rita’s were big, too.

With Ursa and Rita sitting on both of his sides, arguing, he could finally smell the alcohol on their breaths. These two women were drunk.

Ursa smiled and said, “They are lovely, Rita, and your breasts would attract any man.”

Rita smiled and sat back down. Ursa whispered into Carter’s ear, saying, “You need always to reassure her.”

“I heard that,” said Rita.

“But isn’t the king the only man around?” asked Carter.

“Yes, but he’s kind of past his prime. He has chosen all his mates now, and they wait their turn to get pregnant,” said Ursa.

“He’s shooting blanks now,” said Rita as she covered her mouth and laughed.

“Rita, he is the King! A little decorum,” whispered Ursa loudly.

“His last child was over fourteen years ago. You know I am speaking the truth. We will never get on that list to bear his children,” said Rita.

“We’ll find another list. We have all the time in the world,” said Ursa as she splashed water on her breasts.

“What is so important about having a child?” asked Carter.

“Do they not teach you anything where you come from?” said Ursa.

“Along with your breasts growing larger, you’ll get what we like to call the calling,” said Rita.

“What is the calling?” said Carter.

“It’s the physical need to procreate. Every woman has this feeling when they come of age. You can fight it, but it will always be there,” said Rita.

“You need a man to give you the gift,” said Ursa as she held her hand as if gripping something.

“To put it bluntly, yeah,” said Rita as she hit Ursa's hand.

“You should be able to make the feeling subside if you get married to the perfect mate,” said Ursa.

“No. It’s still there. Ask Cape and Cern. They still want a baby,” said Rita.

A voice from the bathroom entrance said, “You women talk too much!”

“Cape and Cern? What are you doing in the Castle’s baths?” said Ursa.

“I could ask you the same thing, servant girl,” said Cape.

Thinking on her toes, Rita said, “We were looking for Camille, and we found her!”

“Camille? You found her?” asked Cern.

Ursa and Rita pointed through the steam at Carter’s outline. “We have been looking for you. The King was very worried,” said Cape.

“Camille hid from the monster and fell asleep. She ended up here taking a bath,” said Ursa.

He had been lucky so far, not showing his male attributes. He started to panic. Carter had gotten out of the water, covered himself with his towel, and started getting dressed while the women talked to each other.
Luckily, this Castle was dimly lit and showed none of his young manly assets. At age twelve, it wasn't that hard to hide them.

He said, “I’m ready now.”

“Come, we have a room prepared for you,” said Cern as she wrapped her hands around Carter’s shoulders.

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