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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2316452
Carter follows the lovely Delila to the forest as her willing student.
** Sexual Content **
They walked a little way into the woods, and Delila-Ella was leading. She looked back at Carter, who was peaking once in a while at her naked body.

"I take it that you like this body better than the other one?" asked Delila-Ella with a wide smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about," said Carter as he looked away. She turned around laughing as she dragged him deeper into the woods. Carter watched as her butt wiggled back and forth. She would turn, and he would catch a glimpse of her breasts swaying back and forth under her motion. His feelings when he was younger were starting to manifest themselves once again. He pushed them down and concentrated on the work at hand.

Carter caught himself at the last moment as he almost ran into Delila-Ella, for he was in deep concentration right now, not trying to look at her.

Delila-Ella reached down and picked up a dress that was on the ground. She placed it over her head, and a smile came to her face. "Is that better?" said Delila-Ella.

Carter shook his head up and down.

"I have three types of cantrips to teach you. They all have different degrees, and the cantrip's power increases as your level increases. As always, you must have enough mana to do the higher-level spells. Otherwise, you will freeze and open yourself to attack." Delila-Ella said.

"The three types of cantrips are Healing, Light, and Detect," said Delila-Ella as she pulled out a book she had hidden in the woods next to the dress she now wore.

"I'll read you the cantrips; you can memorize them here," added Delila-Ella.

"Just do the spells on me, and I'll learn them," said Carter. Delila-Ella gave him a perplexed look and then said, "Okay. But that's not how it is done."

"Please, just try it," said Carter.

Ella turned towards Carter and did the following spells on him: Cure Wounds, Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Restoration, and Resurrection.

By the time she was done, she had almost exhausted her mana. None of these spells did anything to him. He did not have any of the conditions to be healed. He laid down on the dark-colored dirt and organized the spells as best he could.

After a few hours, he opened his eyes. Delila-Ella was wrapped around his leg and chest like a boa constrictor. "Ella?" said Carter. He looked again and saw that she was naked. His hand was firmly on her butt.

"Don't worry, Carter, your purity is still intact. I had to leave the body, so I left it in your care," Ella laughed. She jumped back into Delila's body and opened her eyes. She didn't let go for a moment, and Carter thought it felt awkward. She stood up and said, "This body is compatible with mine. I rarely have to get Heltorn to repossess it for me," said Delila-Ella.

She pulled herself up Carter's body until she was face to face with him. She gave him a slight kiss on his lips, and this time, Carter joined in.

"Like the look of this person better?" asked Delila-Ella with a large smile. Carter shook his head up and down.

She released Carter, stood up, and stretched. Carter watched her intently and stood up behind her. She bent over and picked up her book.

She pointed her finger at Carter again and said a few words. A bright light shined on Carter, and he felt the heat. She lifted her hand in the air, giving Carter a good view of her body. She then lit up the woods with brightness. "Daylight," she said. As the light died down, Carter smiled and felt the spell drop into his stomach. She pulled out a small wand and pointed it at Carter.

"You have to use a wand for this spell?" asked Carter. A lightning bolt shot out of the wand, hit him in the chest, and knocked him back a few feet. He landed on his back hard, taking all the breath out of his lungs.

"Lightning Bolt. I used a wand because it hurts like hell to shoot it out of your fingers," said Delila-Ella. She ran over to him and healed the burning wound on his chest. He smiled and thanked her. He felt his shirt and found the bolt had not fried a hole.

"I held back," said Delila-Ella.

"My last cantrips are for detecting," said Deilila-Ella as she walked up to Carter and rubbed his chest with her hand. "Since you can learn by cantrips being used on you, you should have Detect Status, right?" said Delila-Ella. She turned around, placing her naked back towards Carter. He lifted his hand and hovered his hand over her back. He felt the Detect Status spell, and her back glowed and changed to words on her back.

"Level 6: Wizard. Daughter of the Red Wizards. Is this yours or Delila's skills?" asked Carter.

"Delilia's skills. The body reflects the original spirit. Luckily, the conduits in her body are used to magic flow. If I did these higher-powered spells in Gabe's body, it would cause a lot of harm to him," said Delila-Ella.

She turned around and pressed herself against Carter's body. Words started to come out of her mouth, and Carter felt another spell hit him. "This cantrip is Detect Magic," said Delila-Ella. "It will allow you to notice anything magical. People, traps, hidden doors, and treasure," added Delila-Ella.

She started to rub herself up and down on Carter, causing him to get excited. He allowed the spell Detect Magic to escape him. Delila-Ella glowed bright, as did a few other things inside the Cathedral.

"Do you see them in the Cathedral? Your rucksack is one of the magical items," said Delila-Ella.

"Why is the rucksack magical?" said Carter as his hands moved down Delila-Ella's back and grabbed her butt. She let out a low moan and kissed him on his mouth. He returned her pressure. She pulled back and said, "Red would never say," said Delila-Ella.

She pushed herself back away from Carter and said, "The last cantrip is very useful: Detect Area." A small sentence escaped Ella's mouth, and her face went white with mana depletion. She looked around and smiled. Carter pulled it up and cast the same spell, Detect Area. He looked around and saw the shapes of all the spirits in the woods around them. They were alone, except for the few outlines in the Cathedral.

"We are alone," said Carter. Delila-Ella smiled and kissed him again. "One more lesson for you, Carter," she said as she pulled his clothes off his body and tossed them over her head. She pushed him to the ground, cold and dirty as it was. He did not object.

She had pent-up energy, and he was a willing participant. He wondered about the ramifications of having sex with a person possessed, but those reservations disappeared as fast as they came.

Delila-Ella jumped on top of Carter and held him down. She bent over and kissed him on his lips passionately. She was straddling his groin, feeling it grow larger. Their sweaty body odor mixed to create a new smell that permeated the air. She slipped her hips over his manhood and thrust herself down upon him. He let out a loud moan in her mouth and returned his pleasure with her own. She let go of his kiss, sat up, and heaved harder. Carter was lost in bliss and relaxed his body, accepting her domination. She howled in pleasure as her pleasure climaxed, and he joined her a few moments later. She collapsed on top of him and breathed heavily into his chest.

It was Carter's first time, and he realized he was just used for physical gratification. Ella liked the feeling of being alive; this was one way it manifested. She lifted herself off him and grabbed her clothes.

"Era is probably waiting for you. We need to get going," said Delilia-Era.

"Where did you throw my pants?" asked Carter.
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