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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2316907
Carter can finally bathe and sleep. But not if Captain Harlow has anything to say.
**Sexual content**
*TowerG*Tower Floor 3 - The Mansion

Captain Harlow sat in her bed and looked around her dimly lit room. Her friends Teela and Seminole were sleeping on the other large bed. Their heavy breathing broke the silence of the room. Harlow had a bad dream and forgot where she was. She laid back down, grabbed her pillow, and hugged it. She curled up, moving her feet up and down. The softness of the sheets made her aroused, and she softly pleasured herself, making herself more stimulated. She let out a few low moans. Her apathy and hate died when she punched Carter in the face. When Carter didn't hit back, Captain Harlow knew Carter would take care of them from now on. He wouldn't treat them like Arthur did.

In the village of Hag, Harlow slept on a short-haired, itchy boar rug at a temperature of thirty degrees Celsius. A dozen women per crowded tent, and gut-retching manna was fed to them once a week. Life was difficult, and Arthur made it worse. His promises and rotten morals punished her daily until she didn't care anymore. Carter was giving her good things, and she didn't know why. It made her mad and happy at the same time.

The Quietus Forest was worse. She never got any sleep with Red's persistent teachings and regimented exercise. She wasn't sure if death was any better.

Her two mothers were rich, powerful, and nobles of the Kingdom of Reed. Teela and Seminole were her assigned guards and lifelong friends. When the message came for Baroness Harlow to be bred with the highest-ranked Cambian male in the Elf's land, she took a thousand gold from her treasury and set sail on her father's flying blimp.

The Elf council assured her of her appointment and took her money. She waited three months at the Elve's capital, where they kept most of Thresh's breeding males. After the long wait, she was finally called into her mate's room. The scrawny excuse for a man said that she was not attractive enough for him. This devastated her. The money wasn't returned, and she left empty-handed. Her mother was going to be devastated.

The flight back was even worse. Her ship hit turbulent winds, and they blew the blimp into the Forest, losing much of her crew to the crash. The ones that survived died at the hands of the carnivorous spirits. Red saved Her, Seminole, and Teela. They trained for decades until they were powerful enough to fight in the Tower. We were wrong. We weren't powerful enough, and Red rejected our return. We ended up escaping the Forest by running back to the Tower. We gave ourselves to Arthur, and he used us.

Along came this giant of a woman called Carter. She saved us from monsters, Arthur, and death many times. We tried to kill her, and she still saved us. She found this wonderful mansion and gave it to us without getting anything in return. It took Harlow's conscience a long time to figure that out, but she finally understood. The physical punch to Carter's face made her fall in love with Carter, ugly as she is.

Her revelation and excitement manifested into pleasuring herself, and she started to get louder. Conscience of her roommates, she stopped. She threw off her blankets, finding herself naked; she didn't bother to get dressed. The air in the mansion was cold to the skin but warm enough to walk around nude. The hallway had half-opened bedroom doors and snoring sisters sleeping like babies.

When she got to Carter's room, the door was closed. She grabbed the handle and turned it. She glided slowly across the room and sat down on his bed. Her eyes adjusted to the light, and she saw Corin and Hammy wrapped up in each other's arms. No Carter, though. A small frown came across her face. Did she go to another room? Which one?

"Carter," she whispered.

"Carter is taking a bath. Stunk like a dead boar," said Corin as she turned over.

A small smile came over her face as she left Carter's room.

She tip-toed down to the bathroom. The dimly lit stairs echoed her footsteps as she descended. A low moaning sound started getting louder as she entered the bathroom. Someone was pleasuring themselves. It sounded like more than one person was in the bath. She snuck around the corner and crouched down so nobody could see her. The moaning noise was making her excited, and she moved her hand down to her breasts and her thigh. She ducked-walked until she could see the bath's occupants.

Arista, Yuma, and Indigo were in the bath. The other person standing up must be Carter. Yuma was bent over the side of the bath, and Carter was hitting her with her pelvis from behind. Indigo, looking eager, was lying down next to Yuma with her butt in the air. Indigo's hand was pushing on Carter's round butt as it was going back and forth. Arista was sitting on the edge, playing with herself and watching.

Loud slapping sounds came from the bath as Carter smashed into Yuma from behind. It was hard to understand what was happening, but it still excited her. Her voyeurism, the loud slapping sound, and Yuma's moaning in rhythmic response after the slap sound. Her breath became labored, and she increased her tempo to match the spanking rhythm.

She felt a hand on her back and stopped rubbing herself. She looked back, and both Seminole and Teela were smiling behind her. Harlow was about to get mad, but she just placed her finger over her lips to silence them from talking. They shook their heads up and down and found better positions to watch.

Harlow saw Carter's hand wander over to Indigo's bottom, and she started playing with Indigo's privates as she slapped Huma's butt with her pelvis. It was a kinky way of getting off for a woman, but Harlow didn't care.

"Get ready," yelled Carter as the moans mixed in with her voice.

Captain Harlow started moaning louder. "She does have a nice-looking, muscular butt," thought Harlow.

Carter let out a loud moan and backed up away from Yuma. He was holding something in his hand as he moved forward towards Indigo. He started slamming his pelvis into her butt now.

"What was she holding in her hand?" asked Teela.

"What are they doing?" asked Seminole

Carter backed away from Indigo. Both Yuma's and Indigo's butts were red from the pounding, which made Harlow even more excited.

"She was slapping them?" asked Teela.

Carter turned around and sat on the side. His semi-stiff erection was jutting into the air.

"What is that?" said Teela.

Captain Harlow removed her hand from her private parts and stood up. She started walking down towards the bath at a steady pace. Teela and Seminole followed right behind her.

Carter looked over towards her as she walked up the stairs. Her eyes targeted his manhood as she plowed through the water.

Carter smiled, obviously intoxicated and mirthful.

"Hello, Captain Harlow, couldn't sleep?" asked Arista.

She pointed at Carter's penis and asked, "What is that? Carter?"

Carter placed his hands over his manhood and said, "Nothing."

Teela came from behind Harlow and said, "Carter's a man?"

Harlow looked behind her at Teela with a perplexed look on her face. "Really?" she said. She had never seen a naked man before. She turned around and looked at Carter's face. He was a handsome man.

He removed his hands from his penis. It was sticking straight forward towards Harlow.

Teela and Seminole slipped past Harlow, whose mouth was agape. Teela grabbed Carter's manhood and said, "Can we have a go?" Her dark cocoa skin, large breasts, and curvy hips wiggled back and forth like she was going to explode. Seminole, with her long blue hair that wrapped around her body, was already placing her lips on Carter's manhood without hearing the answer.

Captain Harlow looked into Carter's eyes and started to shake her head up and down. She repeated Teela's words and said, "Have a go?"

"I guess so. Just don't hit me," said Carter with a big smile.

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