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A poem about my Father - biting, difficult, cathartic.

You cheated the night I was born,
my Mother left so forlorn.
You two were soon to divorce,
into her parents’ house we were forced.
Then after five long years,
my Mother forgot her fears.
Back into our lives you came,
because a new heart you claim.

You continued to carouse,
through the bars you did browse.
To come home every night drunk,
all of our dreams slowly sunk.
I swore to never be like you,
only to have that nightmare come true.
You beat me until bones broke,
in my own blood I would soak.

You hated our friend by her race,
which made you leave by God’s grace.
But year after year you returned,
to bask in fatherhood unearned.
And my Mother was being played,
because of support you never payed.
Then finally once I was grown,
your sins you tried to atone.

You thought I was still a sheep,
because I did your work cheap.
When I thought finally loved,
to the back of your mind shoved.
All we ever did was fight,
and many times I took flight.
I guess you wonder why I tried,
to do things to win your pride.

Because I was still your son,
and there is no substitution.
For the love of my father,
but all you saw was the dollar.
Over time I learned to accept,
and in forgiveness slowly crept.
So much to my surprise,
and before your demise.

You finally became my friend,
and on your counsel I depend.
But God has a funny humor,
and took you home with a tumor.
In reviewing our history,
I found a great mystery.
That indeed love knows no bounds,
when indeed forgiveness abounds.
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