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An ode to a tiger I once knew.

We met when I was still broken,
And never a word was spoken.
You welcomed me into your world,
then your majesty unfurled.
In the presence of this great beast,
My emotions finally released.
The truth is she was a tiger,
But I have not found a friend like her.

I was the sanctuary guide,
And showed you off with great pride.
Then my heart you slowly melted,
Something I never expected.
In I dove with no reserve,
Because that is what you deserve.
To be loved for your majesty,
You brought me new reality.

But no good thing seems to last,
I was heartsick the day you passed.
Your mate Raja was also sad,
But in his presence I was glad.
Glad that we both got to know,
A heart with such a bright glow.
Your memory will never fade,
Nor the friendship that we made.

In the many months that followed,
The grief my heart nearly swallowed.
Then all the good you found in me,
Finally found its way free.
Free to open my heart again,
To be open where and when.
When yet another so great,
Would in my heart love create.
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