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the cat always knows-776 words
In a quiet corner of a suburban street, where daffodils danced in the spring snow, there sat an old baseball glove. It lay forgotten amidst the vibrant blooms, a fragment of childhood games and youthful dreams.

Nearby, a deaf dog named Charlie roamed the neighborhood, unaware of the changing seasons and the fleeting beauty of the flowers. He moved with a sense of gentle curiosity, guided by instincts that vibrated in the air.
But it was the cat, a sleek feline with eyes that held ancient wisdom, who truly understood the rhythms of the world. She prowled the streets with a silent attitude, her presence reassuringly watching the chaos of human existence.

One day, as the sun dipped low in the sky and shadows stretched across the pavement, a young boy stumbled upon the old field. His eyes widened with wonder at the sight of the baseball glove nestled among the white and yellow daffodils, a symbol of forgotten joys and lost innocence.
As he reached out to touch the worn leather, a sudden gust of wind sent the petals swirling around him like confetti. The cat watched from her perch atop the fence, her gaze unreadable yet somehow comforting. Like she was waiting for something to happen. Suddenly he fell, hitting his head against the rusted baseplate fence, knocking him into a different reality.

Upon waking up, he immediately realized he could smell and breathe better. He opened his eyes and stood up, brushing off dirt and grass on his jeans. Colors seemed brighter, sounds clearer, and the air itself hummed with an otherworldly energy. But one thing was off; it was very empty of animal life. The boy then spotted Charlie! Running down his street and decided to run after him.
The grasses were completely green and there was no snow on the ground. The air felt much warmer than before. He slipped. The young boy, however, didn't really think much of it at this time but he was about to learn hidden secrets.

Charlie suddenly, and the boy hastily went up to him. He stood in front of the cat, just sitting there in the road. Suddenly the air got thin and the wind picked up in speed. He looked around, and when he turned back, the cat was gone and in her place was a tall pale Egyptian woman.
Puzzled, he took several steps back from the enigmatic figure, his heart pounding with a mixture of fear and curiosity. The woman's eyes held an ancient wisdom, and her presence seemed to radiate a power beyond comprehension.

"You have been chosen, child," she spoke. "Choose to unravel the mysteries that have been lost for centuries. I am your path and your guide." The boy's mind raced with a thousand questions, but before he could utter a word, the woman extended her hand towards him. In her palm, a shimmering orb of light danced, pulsating with energy.
Trembling with anticipation, and trying to find words but couldn't, the boy reached out and grasped the orb, feeling a surge of power course through his veins which made his hair stand up and body shiver.
He felt a sense of purpose and determination unlike anything before. It felt as if the dormant natural instinct had ripped out of his chest encouraging him to seek out enlightenment.

The woman nodded solemnly, her eyes piercing to look at, Beautiful but it hurt. He wasn't sure what had just happened within the last moment or still sure or she was but he knew he could trust her. The deaf dog then barked letting the boy know it was time to go. The woman nodded again and he did the same. Walking back the boy could see otherworldly creatures and passed through objects that didn't feel real but looked real. Animals and children of all sorts ran by him and laughed, cried, and played. Four-headed deer with upside-down people riding them frolicked in the old baseball field playing their own game.

Charlie jumped onto him "in an attempt to play", again making the boy fall and knocking him out. He woke up in the same spot with drool from the dog all over his face whilst he licked him. He stood up and said, "My name is Chance, and I'm gonna be okay." The kitty rubbed against his leg and purred. He could feel the vibrations of it more than ever.
Chance walked back over to the glove, picked it up, and stuck it on a rusty brown post. Then walked home to be in time for dinner.

776 words-
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