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March 30/ national pencil day
1867, Marcus sat hunched over his desk, surrounded by stacks of paper and half-empty notebooks. His fingers drummed anxiously against the worn wood as he stared at the blank page before him, searching for inspiration that seemed to run from him at every turn.
Marcus was a writer- a wordsmith who poured his soul onto the page, crafting tales with life and emotion. Despite his skill with words he found himself constantly frustrated by the limitation of tools. Using pens that felt to hard and the ink permanent. He was tired of tearing up paper after paper for significant mess ups. Marcus wanted something to allow him to capture his thoughts whistle he thought them.

As he sat at his desk, lost in thought, Marcus's mind began to churn with ideas. What if there was a way to combine the convenience of a pen with the flexibility of a pencil? What if he could create a writing instrument that would allow him to write and erase with ease, without the need for messy corrections?
determined he set out for work, tinkering and experimenting with different kind of pens and pencils, cutting to different sizes and bonding with different materials.
his first prototype was just a pen and eraser cut to size, tied onto the tip of the end of the pen. This would fall off just after a couplke of uses
Marcus realized the need for a more seamless integration. He experimented with carving grooves into the wooden casing of a standard pencil and inserting a small eraser into the carved slot. However, he found that the eraser often fell out or became dislodged during use, rendering the prototype impractical.
Undeterred by his previous setbacks, Marcus decided to explore alternative materials for his eraser. He experimented with a soft, pliable rubber compound, molding it into a cylindrical shape that could be affixed to the end of a pencil. This prototype showed promise, as the rubber eraser provided a smoother and more effective erasing experience. However, Marcus discovered that the rubber wore down quickly with use, requiring frequent replacements. With each setback he learned a new lesson for the next design, and would not give up.
Marcus also explored heat treatment techniques to further improve the eraser's durability and applied specialized coatings to reduce friction and abrasion. Each prototype underwent rigorous testing and refinement, ensuring consistency and reliability in the manufacturing process.
Finally, nearly one years after development Marcus succeeded in creating a rubber eraser that lasted significantly longer while retaining its precision and ease of use.

March 30, 1868, after 3 weeks of putting the pencil through tests and trials he decided it was worthy to write for him and wanted the rest of the world to write with such ease as he could. he began by showing his friends and making one for each of them. and just days later all of the local publishers were at his doorstep looking for one just like it.
Enthused by this he went to find a manufacturing partner to mass-produce these pencils, completely unaware of the lasting impact they would have with the world. within the next year, he would see his pencil in every store, school, and house he visited. Yet no one knew the face behind the pencils he continued to be happy by making others' lives just a little bit easier.

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