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A dying mother talks to her children. This may be a free form poem or not. It's just here.
The sun was shining, but not for me
That day the doctor said, “You have cancer inside you.”
We checked the lab results and the x-rays that
Told a story that many people had heard before.
My life had gone from glowing to slowing.
My family cried for the thought of my dying.
But I gave a informative talk to my two tear stained kids.
Their questions were better than I had ever heard before.
They asked If they had been bad and
That God was punishing them.
I knew that I had one chance to let them
Know that I would try to get well
And life would go on.
That night I had a feeling that I needed to
Make one last speech to plant a seed in their minds.
The next day was a Saturday.
Our plans had been delayed by a small shower.
I wanted to give the children my thoughts
That they could remember.

Johnathan and Annabel I love you very much.
I loved you before you were born and
Will love you when I am not here.
You have made me so proud with how
Kind you are to people and animals.
You have helped Grandma when you
Are at her house.
I am proud of your good work at school,
The teachers say you are the best in her class.
Your coaches tell me
that you love baseball.
Life has some surprises for us all
I learned that I was sick and
Might not live to be old.
When I die then you must continue
To be good and proud of yourself
God is not punishing me or our family.
He has plans for everyone. You
Will understand when you are older.
Let’s just continue our love as a
Family. Love Daddy. He will need that.
Take good care of Snickers and Duffy.

Snickers is their dog. Duffly is their cat.
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