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by MayDay
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The year is 2135. Europe is excited for the solar eclipse. But something's just not right.
Victoria parked her car quickly and stepped out, ushering the kids out as fast as she could.

"C'mon, kids! Aren't you excited for the eclipse?"

"Sure. Whatever. It's just boring stuff happening out in space," replied Alex, Victoria's six-year-old son.

"We haven't had a total solar eclipse for centuries! This is a monumental occasion for all of Europe. Now let's get going. Jade and Arthur will be with the group, too. Don't forget your eclipse headsets."

Groaning, Alex reached for his headset, still in the car while Grace, his ten-year-old, space-loving sister, already clutched hers to her chest.

"I'm ready, momma," Grace said, eyes shining in excitement. "May I run ahead to find the group?"

"Fine. But if you get into any trouble, call me on your pod."

"Okay, momma."

Grace scurried off to find Jade and Arthur, while Victoria waited for Alex. Alex seemed to be dawdling.

"Alex, get your lazy bottom out of that car with or without that headset. It's time to leave."

"Aww, mom. Can't I just wait in the car?"

Victoria sighed. This is what she got for having two kids.

"Okay, okay. Stay there. But if anyone comes over that you don't know..."

"I know, I know. Activate the magnetic lock."

"Be a good boy. Love you."

"I love you too, momma."


Victoria watched through the protective goggles as the moon fully covered the sun. People "ohhh"ed and "aahhh"ed in amazement as the moon began to glow a bright orange. Then it became red. The moon began to pulse repeatedly, until the red beam shot down on the whole group. Every single European touching a headset immediately vanished.


Alex sat in the car patiently. He fiddled with some dials and buttons, but without his mother's retina scan, the car would never start. He glanced out the window, briefly wondering what was going on out there. What were his mother and sister seeing? Then he pushed his curiosity aside and sat down with a book called Escape the Alien Ship. He didn't notice the red pulsing outside, nor the headset on the seat next to him vanishing into thin air. He yawned once and wondered, I wonder when momma will be back.
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