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A short review of the novel.
'The Thursday Murder Club' is a mystery fiction novel focused around a murder at a retirement home called Coopers Chase. It was written by Richard Osman in 2020 and published by Penguin.
Summary of this Book…
The novel is a diary entry of Joyce.
She and her friends attempt to solve a series of murders happening at Coopers Chase. The police and the detectives also are there as usual. Despite her limitations, she hides her depression behind a cheerful smile. So she can turn in her work on time and look like the part of a young up-and-coming writer. Therefore, don't be frustrated by your disabilities. You will be the ultimate winner.
It covers several genres. They are suspense, mystery, psychology and experience.
I especially like…
The message which it has. We, every person, have some limitations. Despite that, we should wrap these with a smile. You will be the ultimate winner.
When I finished reading this book I wanted to…
I must go through the entire Novel again. Not because of suspense only, but because of its serious messages.
The book made me feel…
Mental toughness with strong determination is the keys to every success. Without those qualities, a person can't be prosperous.
The author of this Book...
Osman is a British television show producer, and the chosen style of narrative reflects this in the novel; the chapters are often left on cliffhangers and switch to follow different characters as a television show would when compiling several plot threads together.
I recommend this book because…
To entertain a person with a nice mysterious story and to teach how to get success in life.
Further Comments…
It is a classic mystery fiction novel that can create tremendous suspense.
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