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Oh if we could be anything we dreamed... what would it be?
What to be... a grandson again, yes indeed.

Once a grandson, in my papa’s gentle gaze,
His stories, laughter - love that never fades.
Though no longer in that cherished phase,
His essence with me stays. It never strays.

Now, here I stand, a father and a man,
Carrying forth the legacy my papa sowed.
Teaching, loving, doing all I can,
Guiding hearts, as on this path they strode.

I’d weave the joy of yesterday and now.
In Tales for my child, under starlit skies,
Of a grandfather’s love, enduring, how
It shapes our souls and teaches us to rise.

To be the dreamer, father, and the son,
Holding dear the roles that I have won,
In dreams, my story’s fabric is spun,
A tapestry of lives, interwoven, one.

Imagine if, in dreams, we could truly be,
The love we’ve lost, the hope we long to see,
In this dream, I’m free - a grandson, father, me,
Bound by love, through time, eternal.

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