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by Punji
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This poem explores the longing to be more than poet,but to be the essence of poetry itself
I was only the poet
But I too wanted to be a poem.
All these words that I use
I too wanted to be arranged like them

Just the simple words
To make sentences so beautiful
I wonder how would I be
If I were to become a poem too.

Would I be a romantic one
Or a depressing instead
Among many types and genre
I wonder how I would have been arranged.

Even as a poet,
I wasn't so good
all I wrote down
were the words that I knew.

My poems only contained the words
But that's not only what I wanted to write
With each word I wrote
I wish to write emotions as well alongside.

It's not only me but the whole world
That admires the beauty of poetry
Though everyone feels the same
Only a poet writes it down beautifully.

It's not just the beauty alone
But emotions that we feel as well
I wanted others to feel what I felt
Everytime I wrote down a poem.
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