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by KS23
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2319774
The wisdom of an ancient king.
Several weeks after barely surviving the storm caused by their finding of a magical locket, Artie and Vera Pendergast gathered the courage to return to the mountain.

The venture followed a dinner with their close friend Lawrence Dulackson. They had shared the locket story with their friend who then sceptically replied, “Guinevere and Lancelot are characters of myth, Artie. And a disappearing locket, Vera? Do you have any proof? Or any evidence? If you did, you’d be famous and could live like kings.”

Now, as the amateur archaeologists surveyed the area where they’d found the locket, Artie felt himself drawn towards the cliff wall. As he approached, a small circular section seemed to glow. Artie reached out and touched it. Instantly, a scrap of ancient parchment materialized and floated feather-like to the ground.

“Vera,” Artie called to his wife. “Come here, but gently.”

Hardly daring to breath lest the fragile document crumble, they sought to decipher its few words and drawings.

The first line certainly held the single word “ARTHUR.”

On the second line were two tiny blackened designs which might be dragons, because between them was the clear word “PENDRAGONE.”

A third line displayed a large, ornate sword, horizontal, its hilt to the right. The blade pulsed with living light.

Below this was a simple oval, possibly depicting a lake, with a luminous white arm reaching upward from its center, the hand open wide.

“Oh, Artie. This is our proof,” whispered Vera. “It isn’t a myth. There was a Camelot.”

“Yes, Vera. But remember, Camelot represented a vision where wealth and fame were not the primary ideals, but rather unity and equality.”

“You’re right, Artie,” Vera smiled.

They looked at each and nodded. Then leaning down, they blew on the parchment and it turned to dust.
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