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by Joseph
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Poem based on true event that happened a while ago.
Chicken Riding a Dog
(This poem is about a true event that happened a while ago.)

An old hound dog lived Once Upon a Time
Hit by a car, poor old hound dog became blind
Found a home at Grandma and Grandpa's Farm
A peaceful place where their came no harm

There lived an old chicken that laid no egg
Predators had left her with only one leg
Hey old dog, you're blind but I can see
Well old chicken, you're lame but I can walk

Old dog, let me be on top of you. Your eyes, I will be
Okay chicken, then your legs will be a job for me
Thus, they went parading about, most proud
A chicken riding on top of a dog was allowed

‘twas quite a sight to see; they were indeed
Often, tourist would stop, having to confirm
Not believing what there eyes did see
They asked Grandpa, How did you make this be?

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