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Note to reader, Fengari is a Greek word meaning moon.
Lord Lukas of the SaucePaws allowed his humans, Michelle, Cassie, and Joey to live in his apartment. However, to be granted this privilege they had to adhere to his rules. After all he was a descendant of the Egyptian goddess Bast and therefore royalty.

When he first took over ownership of the apartment he was tiny and frightened. Joey quickly became his favorite person.
Joey would wrestle with him, letting him bite and kick his arm with his back legs. He would also stand in front of Lord Lukas, tapping his chest, teaching Lord Lukas to jump and perch on Joey’s shoulder.

Michelle would tell Joey to stop calling Lord Lukas up onto his shoulder. “If you keep doing that,” she would scold. “He’s going to think that he can jump up on anyone.”

Joey would simply laugh and ask Michelle why that was wrong. Michelle would just shake her head and walk away.

For his first year Lord Lukas’s life was purrfect. At night, after making his rounds of the apartment he would curl up with Joey and go to sleep.

Lord Lukas never wanted for anything. His humans gave him food and water and cleaned his toilet just as he expected them to. Plus, Joey would often give him treats. Lord Lukas loved the treats more than anything but Joey.

One morning Lord Lukas woke up beside Joey and something seemed off. Joey didn’t smell right to him.

When Michelle came into the kitchen, she told Joey that she was making coffee. She went over and shook his leg to wake him up but Joey didn't respond.

After Michelle woke Cassie, she carried Lord Lukas was taken back to Michelle's room and shut inside. He was left there for what seemed like an exceptionally long time. When he was let back out Joey wasn’t there, and both of the women were terribly upset.

Lord Lukas kept vigil at the door every day for many days, but Joey never returned. Still thinking of Joey, Lord Lukas would often curl up with Joey’s boots.

A long time passed. Then one day without warning Michelle removed the carrier that Lord Lukas hated from her closet and sat it in the living room. Lord Lukas checked the carrier out and decided that it wasn’t important enough to pay attention to, so he stretched out in the hallway and went to sleep.

Later that day Michelle told Cassie that she’d be right back and left the apartment with the carrier in her hand. Curious, Lord Lukas waited at the door for her to come back in.

She was still carrying the carrier when she came back in. She sat it on the floor. Once sitting the carrier down Cassie sat on the floor in front of it and began talking softly to whatever was contained inside.

That was when Lord Lukas heard movement from inside the carrier and caught the scent of another descendant like him. He moved closer to get a better look.

Looking into the carrier Lord Lukas saw something small and black. It was staring straight at him. Lord Lukas heard soft mew.

Giving a single hiss, Lord Lukas retreated to Michelle’s bedroom, glaring at both women the whole way down the hall.

He couldn’t believe that Michelle bring another descendant of Bast into his apartment. How could they do such a thing without his permission?

That night the tenuous relationship between Lord Lukas of the SaucePaws and Pharaoh of the Fengari began.

Over the next two weeks a new routine developed. Lord Lukas and Pharoah Fengari would take turns being closed in Michelle’s room. Two or three times a day the room door would be left open, and they would have some time together. Lord Lukas did not enjoy those times.

Then came the day that Michelle opened the door and left it that way. She told Lord Lukas and Pharaoh Fengari that they would just have to work things out. Both Michelle and Cassie hoped that it wouldn’t take them too long.

By the end of the day Lord Lukas had learned to tolerate Pharaoh Fengari but didn’t go out of his way to become friends. When Pharaoh Fengari would approach Lord Lukas he would just glare at him and walk away.

It only took two days for Lord Lukas and Pharaoh Fengari began chasing each other through the apartment and wrestling like the descendant often do. They even started sleeping beside each other on Michelle’s bed when it was naptime. They also did this at night when Michelle was sleeping.

Despite becoming friends, however, Lord Lukas remained ruler of the house. Pharaoh Fengari accepted his position in the hierarchy, after all he is still above Michelle and Cassie. Of course, he follows Lord Lukas’s rules. At least most of the time.

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