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reliving the nightmare of being kidnapped
He said he loved me. He had a gun.
He couldn't live without me, didn't want to.
If I'd only love him back he'd let me go.
I didn't know how, I just couldn't.
But he had a gun. And I had nothing.
I didn't run or scream, I only cried.
He tried to kiss me, I resisted.
He wanted me so bad, And I wanted to die.
He thought that was a good idea too.
He started to strangle me. I fainted.
He thought I was dead. I wished I was.

6 years have gone by and I still tremble.
I wrestle nightmares every night.
I haven't slept sweet in years.
I dream he finds me. And he takes me away,
and he does things to me he used to just say.
And in each dream he kills me after I try
to escape, he finds me and kills me, his
eyes filled with hate. I would give anything
to change the past. and dream once more
with out a fight.
"Please God, let me sleep sweet, just one night".

Note: ladies take care, and trust your gut.
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