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A wife, or a child, in a restricted environment--a butterfly caged!

Soaring on the wings of wind,
I saw a butterfly.
Her silken sheen and colours
Were soothing to the eye.

I said, “Come with me awhile,
I love you, that is true.
Come, live with me forever,
I will not release you”.

I was fond of her and I
Gave her a golden cage
So as to protect her and
Keep her under my gaze.

I put there a diamond lock;
She did not lack a thing.
Yet she always did complain
I clipped her every wing.

I thought that her sobs and tears
Were nothing but mere whine.
I was sure she would adjust;
Everything would be fine.

Later, she pleaded no more;
She was quiet but sad.
Sensing her melancholy
In heart I felt too bad.

So, one day, out of love, I
Gave a gentle kiss
And let her out of the cage
To fulfill her dear wish.

She trembled and could not fly;
The wind she failed to touch.
With a tender look she said:
“You loved me just too much!”

* Written in abcb, 7-6-7-6 format

M C Gupta
15 October 2004
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