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In the endless ocean
Of everlasting dust,
There are cries;
Not only of agony but of love.

For left behind are families
With nothing but their lives to lead;
All waiting for an answer.

While torn and ragged,
Covered in arms,
They must trust our leaders certainty.

Thunder is the ongoing sound
Of what seems to be;
Yet lightning strikes them dead.

Entangled in weeks old clothes,
Drenched and stained,
In what they wished was only rain.

Families fear the days to come
While gripping tight to sanity,
With nothing but their dreams and hopes,
Plagued with such uncertainty.

If not for the ones
We call, "Armed Forces",
There could be no such thing
As freedom of choices.

Now don't forget
Their blood, sweat and tears,
While always knowing
That America is here.

For if "United we stand
And divided we fall,"
Then remember,
This is war and the price of freedom.

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