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Poem about Polar bears and a Christmas Tree.

A Christmas Tree and polar bears.

Three polar bears and a Christmas tree,
Merrily they dance,
As the Artic air blows across the sea-
the bears happily prance.

The polar bears drink a coke-
as they hang around the tree.
A Christmas tree in the artic? Could this be a joke?
The tree is so real as anyone can see.

What they wouldn't give to see Santa Claus and his reindeer!
They hear they live in the North Pole.
Is that sleigh bells they hear?
Is it Santa? Oh, how they hope so!

The bears see the sleigh land.
They hide behind the tree.
Santa steps out of the sleigh, sees the polar bears and reaches out his hand-
he pets the bears and looks out at the sea.

The polar bears love the jolly old man.
Santa Claus unloads his sack and gives them presents of fish and their own playground.
Betty bear licks his hand,
and the other two bears play in their playground making happy sounds.

Santa has made these bears so happy
but he must be on his way,
He hugs the bears good-bye and feels like a pappy,
He and his reindeer fly up to the sky over the bay.

Santa makes a promise to visit the bears every year.
The polar bears eat the fish and lay around the Christmas Tree.
Life is good here, there is nothing to fear.
They just met Santa and learned about Christmas and are happy as anyone can see.

The bears sleep by the Christmas tree-
as more artic snow starts to fall.
A polar bear Christmas by the sea-
is better then a Christmas Ball!

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