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Nature can inspire us to a deeper understanding of life.
Wind, water and the giving heart

Wind on sand, blowing the grains to settle where they will.

Water on sand, keeps it grounded and firm waiting to be free.

The giving heart also waits to be free.

Full of compassion, it gives hope in times of doubt.
Giving freely of itself within and without.
Finding strength in times of weakness.
Peace in times of war, comfort in times of sorrow.
Gifts in times of loss when there seems to be no tomorrow.
Giving something in times of want and emptiness.
Cultivate a giving heart.

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I wrote this in Georgia in 2005 trying to share my thoughts feelings and words!
And edited 1-18-23 but adding to it may not have been the best thing. I'm going to try and bring it back to the original. Thanks for feedback 🙂)

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