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When a family discovers a guillotine with magic powers, strange things happen.
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Chapter #23

Continue messing around with the Guillotine

    by: [K/S]
Walking back to the garage, you take a look at all the body parts laying around. The hot body you initially gave to Steph was there in one piece, just without a head, while Steph's original body was in pieces, with her head vacant. The top of Emily's head was still here as well. Staring at all the pieces, you think of what you wanted to do with everything. You don't exactly know who that hot body belonged to in the first place and you didn't really care, but you suppose you could give it to Steph again. Its not like she deserved to just be a head, especially after helping you out with getting your body back. However...

That left what to do with Steph's actual body. You picked up her limbs that were still on the ground, attaching them properly back onto her torso. Since reality changes with the little switch, you wonder... what would happen if you had 2 bodies? Putting Steph's old body back together sans headcap, you then removed your own head cap to take out your own brain. Remembering what happened when you put Steph's brain into Emily's head, you decide to cut your brain in half. You didn't exactly know what would happen, but that's the point of experimenting right? Plopping half of your brain back in your head, you then proceed to put your other half of the brain into Steph's old body.

Blink. Blink. Suddenly, you were looking at 2 places at once, feeling 2 bodies worth of feeling at once. It feels like it should be much more overwhelming than it is, but somehow it all feels natural. Perhaps it was part of the magic of the guillotine?

"Wow, this is weird." You say with Steph's body and voice, putting her skullcap back on as you got up.

"Oh yeah, this is strange." You reply back with your normal body, putting your own skullcap back on.

Of course, now was time to see how reality alters to this. You press the switch, and as usual, just a hum with no flair.

You have the following choices:

1. Explore your new life with two bodies

2. Something else

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