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  1. The Begining Redux
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by Ace
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Danny is back with new buttons and new characters.
Chapter 1

The Begining Redux

    by: Ace   More by this author
It was a Saturday and Danny was mindleesly playing Vieo Games in his room. High school was going pretty well for him so far. Suddenly his mom Linda called for him from downstairs.

"Danny, there's a package for you."

"Comming" Danny paused the game and went down stairs. The package was on the table. He brought it up to his room and opened it to find a remote with all kinds of buttons and a nob set to the five option. After skimming the instructions, Danny found out it was the Remote of Swap 2.0 and that the nob on the 5 meant no one would notice the swaps.

1 meant every one would notice
2 meant only the people swapped would notice
3 only the people swapped won't notice.
4 only people the user wants to notice will notice
5 Every one won't notice

There was also a sitch that said "effect" and it was set to 1.
1: everything is normal/Danny has boobs, no one cares
2: somewhat notice able/ Danny has boobs, wears bras, different shirts, better around girls than guys, ect.
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1.   Body Swap

2.   Physical Swap

3.   Mental Swap

4.   More Buttons

5.   World Swap

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