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  1. Waiting to be bought
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What happens to you when you are sold to young boys
Chapter 1

Waiting to be bought

    by: Jack Grey   More by this author
You woke up from a blackout after being shrunk, all you could remember was going down a small alleyway and being ambushed by masked men. As you rubbed your head you looked around only to find that you were in a small cage on a shelf in a pet store.You was horrified and shocked as you looked around and saw many boys you're age in the same situation, all naked, barely 6 inches tall, all looking utterly terrified.

The door bell rings, the other boys all go silent as their heads turn to face a boy and his dad walking in, they talk to the owner.The boy giggled eagerly as he walked over to you're area and thought for a short moment before picking up your cage and took it up to the counter.His dad payed $15 for you and took you both home, the boy was over the moon as he raced up to his room and locked the door.

From inside the cage, you were in a state of shock as you could see your new owner as he carried the cage casually up to his bedroom and as you heard the door lock, you knew something bad was gonna happen as you looked up into the face of the boy, who to your horror said he was only _ years old.
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