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You shrink near girls. (300 Word Minimum.)
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Chapter #45

Fall Tinies - Quintuplets' Castle

    by: Unknown
Thinking it will be safest, Itsuki votes for Truth or Dare, along with Nino, who thinks it's going to be the least effort. Agreeing with them, you vote for it too. Yotsuba, Ichika and Miku decide the parkour game would be the most fun.

"Well, that settles it then!" Yotsuba says. "I'm gonna get my toy bricks!"

"Wait, hold on!" you say. "We voted into a draw, three against three."

Yotsuba frowns in confusion. "Wait, your vote counts?"

You feel a stab in your chest. Who would have thought, that such a sweet voice could say something this hurtful? Then again, it probably was typical for an idiot like Yotsuba to forget you're still a person like the everyone else. You look side to side, at the other sisters, waiting for them to come to your defense. Instead, the words of each sister, feel like a strike of lighting.

"You're right, he doesn't get a vote." Ichika says, with a teasing tone.

"He's not part of the council." Miku says.

Nino nods. "Quintuplet vote, you're still an outsider."

"I mean, it's easier to vote on things with an uneven number." Itsuki adds.

You shout in disbelief, "That's just mean!"

Nino crosses her arms. "Hey, you said we get to ask and make you do anything. You gave up your right to vote with us, on your first day here."

You sigh, and look up at Yotsuba, who smiles in excitement, before running upstairs to fetch some building bricks.


Kneeled around the living room table, the girls all dig their hands into the big box of plastic bricks, and start building their parkour track. In the meantime, you're left in the center of the table, watching the course be build around you. You already dread the amount of climbing and jumping they're expecting you to do. Yotsuba gets up, and walks to the kitchen, returning with a plate of gelatin.

"What are you gonna do with that?" Nino says, pressing on a brick into place with her finger.

Yotsuba smirks, her tongue sticking out between her lips. "I'm gonna add it to the course. A sticky, and slippery surface for him to run across."

Itsuki looks at the jiggling blob, as it gets placed between brickwork, crying in agony. "Nooo, Yotsuba! I was still going to eat that…"

Seeing their goofball of a sister give an example of how creative they can get; they all start to include more special obstacles. It takes them almost an hour, but they finally finish their weird series of traps. Looking over the course, it isn't always clear what you should do. And you notice certain missing spots, that will no doubt be filled in by the sisters using their own hands.

"I think it looks pretty good." Ichika says, smiling at Yotsuba, who responds with a happy nod.

Having sat on your ass for the past forty minutes, you feel your moment of peace and relaxation is at an end, with the girls all turning their eyes to you.


"Ready?" Yotsuba asks.


Your response is cut off, when the orange-haired sister pinches you between her fingers and pulls you across the table, toward the starting line, your heels dragging across the glass. She lets go, and you stumble to your feet, looking out toward a staircase made of toy bricks. As every girl looks on in anticipation, you walk up to the first obstacle. While it is built like a staircase, the bricks are too big for you to use it like normal. You have to use your arms to push yourself up onto each individual step, until you make it to the top. Already out of breath, you sit down for a second.

"Seriously? You're tired already?" Nino says. "Those where only the stairs towards the course…"

The girls all start giggling, and you feel more than a bit humiliated. Wanting to prove yourself, you get back up, and go to the first, real intended obstacle. You walk up to the edge of a big gap. It's a jump too big for you to make. You see a rope hang in front of you, well, not a real rope. It's the end of Miku's headphone cord. The goal is obvious, you're supposed to swing it over to the other side. You stretch your hand out, but the chord is too far to reach. You nervously look to the side, seeing Miku's giant face closely observe you, while you run her part of the course. Seeing you're unable to grab her cord, she blushes and decides to help you out. Her enormous finger reaches in behind the chord, and slowly nudges it towards you. You grab it with both hands, and thank Miku, who takes her finger back, causing the chord to immediately swing back into place, pulling you along with it. You scream bloody murder, and wrap your legs around the audio jack for extra support. The entire obstacle doesn't work as intended. Instead of swinging over to the other side, the chord just slightly dangles back and forth, into place, until coming to a halt, above the gap.

"S-Sorry," Miku says. "I thought it would work like a piece of rope."

She uses her finger again, this time bumping her digit against your back, and pushing you over to the other side. Once there, you let go of the chord, causing her finger to push you over on the plastic brick floor.

"Oh!" Miku quickly covers half her face with her sleeve. "Sorry again."

You awkwardly laugh a bit. "I-It's ok Miku, thank you."

Getting back up, you walk ahead, while the giantess unties her headphone cable from the obstacle course. You look up at a straight plastic wall ahead, almost three times your height.

"How am I supposed to climb this one?" you say.

Miku smiles and puts her headphones back around her neck. "This is the part where I was actually supposed to help you out."

She lays her hand in front of you, palm down. You look up at the giant girl biting her lip, while her cheeks glow bright red. You climb onto the back of her hand, before she slowly raises it, like a moving platform in a videogame. You make sure to hold your balance, so you don't topple over, while you look into a pair of shy, but enamored eyes. Once at the top, you jump onto solid ground, and give Miku one last look. This is where her part of the parkour ends. You realize, you still haven't spent any time with her, this was probably the first time she ever touched you. Miku was the last one on your list, of sisters you had to win over, but something about her look tells you, you already have. Despite that, you still wonder why she wanted to kick you out on the first day. Maybe you can ask her, if you two ever manage to talk.

You look out ahead, at what's next, before gathering the courage to brave the rest of the course.
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