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November 3, 2021 at 2:26am
November 3, 2021 at 2:26am
PROMPT November 3rd

You live in a tourist town. There's always an 'interesting' mix of visitors. But this year they are especially... different. In what way?

My little town is called Mundaring. An Aboriginal word meaning "a high place on a high place" or "the place of the grass tree leaves". European settlement dates from the 1840s with the land initially being used mainly for timber-cutting, quarrying, vineyards, orcharding and poultry farming.
          However recently the town and surrounds have become famous for the mountain bike tracks in the surrounding forests.
         The most famous is the Mundi Bidi track which runs for over 1000 kms from Mundaring to Albany. So the most interesting visitors to our town are the hardy walkers and cyclists who attempt this long hard journey.
         Each Sunday morning, cars arrive and bikes are detached from bike racks. Then hordes of cyclists clog up the cafes as they meet and chat. Dressed in Lycra they leave nothing to the imagination as they through wander the town looking like extras from a sci-fi movie set.
Their voices echo throughout the streets, turning heads as they deliver scraps of news and information as they ride by in groups of twenty or even more. This of course causes frustration to other road users who can’t pass on our single lane winding roads.

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