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This is a quiz about the short story The Dream Skater
Please answer the following quiz queastions based on the story The Dream Skater.
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1. The Dream Skater:
 Why was Casy beging so much?
       Casy was sick.        
       Casy wanted Mary Lnn to come to the park with her.        
       Casy wanted Mary Lnn to come to the skating center with her.        
2. The Dream Skater:
 Who took Mary Lnn and Casy to the skating center?
       Mary Lnn's father        
       Casy's mom        
3. The Dream Skater:
 Why did Mary Lnn not want to go to the skating center?
       She could not skate.        
       She lost her doll when she was little.        
       She wanted her dog to come.        
4. The Dream Skater:
 What day did they go to the skating center?
5. The Dream Skater:
 Where were Mary Lnn and Casy at when Casy pushed Mary Lnn?
       At the store.        
       At the movies.        
       At the Skating Center.        
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