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Just imagine crossing miles of lava fields to reach a green oasis on the slopes of Hawaii

O Kipuka!

Behold the flight of life:

'Apapane, 'amakihi,
'akiapola'au, 'i'iwi,

the shimmer of the honeycreepers,
their curve and thrust of beak,

wings of jewels that seek
insects and 'ohi'a in these warm oases,
luscious, lava locked.

O Kipuka!

Each island 's rich with
bounty from Hawai'ian gods,
surrounded by the rock.

You hide wild wonders
of your secret gardens well,
among the 'a'a blocks.

O Kipuka!

Confined between these death-dealt walls,
ashes from a nether world sprout life:
the rubies of 'ohi'a flowers,
a honeycreeper's flight.

© Kåre Enga

Catalogue number: [161.393]
31 juli 2004.


'ohi'a (malay apple)
'a'a (viscous lava)
'apapane, 'amakihi, 'akiapola'au, 'i'iwi
(4 species of honeycreepers, indigenous birds)

Kipuka are vegetative islands that lava has flowed around. They create an interesting environment for wildlife, visitors and ecologists.

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