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my daydream *warning* this is free write and not edited at all, may be expanded
My fingers tapped impatiently on the steering wheel. “20 miles, com’on, let’s go” I murmer to my car counting down the distance to my destination.
It had been three weeks since I’d seen him and the anticipation was building exponentially. The terrain I was driving through being boring corn fields my mind started to wander to what might happen when I arrive. Things would probably start like normal, I’d park in the back of his frat house and call as I pull in eager and heart fluttering to see him. He’d pop out the back door with his big grin and fluffy hair, a t-shirt and jean shorts. He’d come up and wait for me to climb up out of my car and give me a big bear hug. Helping me with my things we’d go inside to his room where I’ll make fun of it being so messy. Putting my stuff down I’d give him another hug nice and tight breathing in his scent a little sweaty but very masculine. The anticipation that’s been building in me since I left him three weeks ago as I lean up on my tip toes to kiss him. At first I give him only a couple small kisses but work up to a deeper kiss, moving my hands up to his shoulders trying to get as close as possible to him. His hands pushing back my hair and cradling my chin makes me melt into him. Taking charge of the situation since I’m enjoying myself too much to even think straight. He wraps his strong arms around me and lifts me up to move me under his loft little alcove he has outfitted with pillows and a futon mattress. Laughing I gaze into his eyes leaning into him as we fall on to the mattress my body soundly on his. Threading my fingers into his hair I tug not so gently as I play with his nose using mine; spurring him on. I can feel him moving his hands down my back to my round rump giving me a little spank. Giving out a little squeal and a jump I grin and go after him a bit more ferociously. Now I start to rub his ear lobe with one hand since I know how much he loves that. His reaction is quite evident as I start to rub my leg up along his thigh and crotch feeling the hardness, the quickening of his heart and his breathing come harder, more like animalistic pants now. Speaking of pants mine were starting to feel awful damp; taking his hand I brought it down to come to that same realization. He simply laughs at me taking it away “You dirty girl” he accuses me turning me off of him on to my side.
“What do you want me to do?” he questions, that fire in his eyes which turns me on so much. “What ever you want” I reply with trust in my body language “you can do anything to me, I’ll like it.”
Grinning like an ADD kid in a china shop you pull my hips roughly towards you giving me a forceful kiss popping off the button of my jeans; delving your hand in to the back of them trying to avoid the non existent underwear. I can feel the confusion even in your kiss. Pulling back you give me a “look.” Laughing I throw a leg over his and pull you towards me forcefully, taking back control of the situation.
Propping myself up on an elbow I lean over nibble and suck on an earlobe. Leaning farther down kisses litter his neck. Pushing him to his back I can feel his hands trying to get back to my bare rump still in my pants. “No no” I scold. Pulling them up above his head and putting them against the radiator I say “You need to listen to me now you naughty boy.” Gving a warning, teasing look I lean over, straddling you in the process and pull from my bag one of your birthday presents; a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. Tugging them between my hands I see the sparkle in your eye of a mix of intrigue and arousal. Putting on one wrist, threading the chain behind a brace for your loft and latching in your other wrist I have you locked in; all to myself. Naughtily I lift your shirt up and start playing with your nipples gentle with little tugs while I pay some attention to your neglected earlobe and that side of your neck. “Is this okay?” I question you with a twinkle in my eye, kissing you hard before you can answer and pulling away before you’re ready. “Good” I smirk.
Scooting myself farther down your body I know let my mouth give your nipples attention a little sucking and tongue play and I can feel your heart quickening even more; your body pulling at its bindings a bit, unintentionally of course. I run my hands up into our hair to give a more than friendly pull turning my attention to your other nip I hear it. The rare but very rewarding moan you give when you lose your self so completely in my touch. Grinning up to you, pleased at my progress on you, I slip still farther down your manly body getting closer to my brass ring… or should I say scepter. Gently I release you from your pants shimmying them down to your knees then pulling your fully erect cock from your chili printed boxers. Licking my lips I lean down over it, giving a quick lick before…..

Waking up from my day dream I look for the allyway for his parking lot and start the voice dial on my phone. I hang up straight away though seeing you out the back door already. Parking and stepping out of the car I give you kiss the way a starving woman eats her first meal. Grinning you pull back “Eager for the strawberries and chocolate syrup huh?” Hmmm I had almost forgotten…
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